Wednesday, July 1, 2009
;7:19 PM

heyo... =.=
so sorrie didnt update mch.
was quite lazy. =)> haha.
was sick during last few weeks of holis.
sucked. lol. bcoz of dat, didnt manage 2 catch transformers...
arh... wth. lol. no pics 2 upload 2day arh.
hais. am freakin confused lor.
ohyeah. 2day's my sis' bdae.
lol. wen for lunch wif wisely and shaun.
chatted 4 quite long and laughed quite abit.
wisely shud seriously change abit man. =)>
juz asked shaun 2 change my blogskin 4 mi.
duno if he's willin. or i'll pester him.
hah. nw watchin a old documentaries.
anw, 2day no hmewrk! yay!
so cn "focus" on celebratin sis' bdae.
and my blog's ddddddddeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaadddddddddd...


HAIXUAN! : lol. it does look cool. =)

Jolyn : hello! =)

Eivina : lol. okayokay. thks! =)

jewelyn : okies. linked. =)

Jasmlne : haha. =) nick's voice is VERY unique...

Ter Shien : lol. dun wry la... ure a good student huh? =)

Jacq : okies... will link.

Jasmlne : noooo laaaa... haha. he 2 gd liaos ma... -.-

Sunday, June 7, 2009
;8:07 PM

sooooo sorrie... =.=
didnt update coz wasnt reali free 2 use comp.
hah. juz a brief update on my events...

wen 2 watch much ado abt nth.
it was at fort canning park. =.=
was seriously hot and didnt reali understand.
coz... we were sittin at e bck.
couldnt reali catch e info.
=.= shoooottss.
hais. bt aniwae, i still took sme pics.... =)
look at e ppl...!
how the performance space looks like...

wow... vampires. =.=

had a lights workshop... =.=
was quite FUN! and was useful too.
our teacher was a nice guy and was quite...
anw, oso took sme pics... blah blah.
learned quite a few tips on lights.
got a nice screwdriver from him too...
but was kinda not enuf yet wor...
the black boxxxx.
the black boxxxx store.
zhen young at work... 0o

haziq at work... 0o

my POWDERFUL teacher... =)

teacher... teaching.
guy asked to sit in the light... =.=
very nice light... =)

teaching on lights...

more teaching on lights...

very nice light from gobo... 0o
oh... friday. had math enrichment.
=.= lol. quite tired n stuff...
bt had PARTY afterwards!
yays! (hooooray ms leow!)
okay... ms leow is e best teacher cn?
she spent lyk... ALOT of bucks to give us a party.
lol. =) thre was pizza, and macs.
and thre was e biggest heap of fries i eva seen. 0o
haha. saved lunch money lor.
lottsss of foooooddd.
more fooooodddd.
lotsssss of pizzaaaaa.
more pizzasssssss...
all our... loot.
the big heap of fries...
our cake by MS LEOW!
cake by MS LEOW!
the art of ms leow. (closin eyes and servin cake)
lottttsss of cake slices...
view of cakesssss slices....
Ter Shien : yeah... nice pics. =)
Jasmlne : yeah... =) quite enuf. thks lotssss.
Defeated Love Fairy : no. i didnt miss u. =)> lol. duno leh.
duno wad is wif e class outing. lol. yeah...
alot of female taggers. pls b jealous. =)>
Jolyn : =)thks 4 taggin! cya on mon!
zhiyi : ohya. hk accent. =) kekes. thks 4 taggin!

Saturday, May 23, 2009
;4:24 PM

sorrie didnt update on dat dy i had e barrage trip.
lol. was seriously tired... physically n mentally.
=.= phew. walaos.
juz cme hme frm lessons.
imma havin a seriously bad headache...
mayb im abt 2 fall sick. =.=
4gt it aniwae, i dun care if i reali do.
KRIS ALLEN won american idol.
whoots! da black horse.
his singin is reali gd lor.
ohya. wth. my socks gt stolen ytd aftr drama.
stupid lor... walaos. its lyk damn wad.
i had to walk abt lyk w/o socks.
it's seriously wad i REALI hate man.
duno which ass go steal. whack him sia.
anw, thse r fotos 4 barrage trip...

chijao n yuxiang playin PES... ==
fountain outside barrage...
doin project on barrage...

view of IR frm rooftop.

singapore flyer...
different colours of water...

gates of barrage...!

candid shot of four ppl...

titanic! rose n jack! woohoo!

more titanic! jack n rose! hoowoo!
can he dance...?
what's dat...? Oo
geeks. in. action.

view frm barrage rooftop...
track heats at yck stadium...

Monday, May 18, 2009
;6:39 PM

heyyo. it's me again.
n im back wif mre info dude! yay!
had sushi tei ytd n its was NICE! as usual...

hah. lol.
its oso been long since my last sushi meal.
was reali nice man. =)
den 2day had tis accounting workshop.
learned to manage money...
learned to earn money...
learned hw steve jobs (apple CO-founder) got outta college...
and learned how to fold paper aeroplanes for NorthStar Airlines!

our nice instructor! =)
wedgie... er... weijie. =)

lotsssssss. of BOEINGS!

slackin shaun...

commandin weijie... sean e baldy...

yuhao hyper-ing...
nw gonna slp oredi...
so... tired. coz played basketball wif clarence.
my leg kinda pain nw lor...
stupid... n we gt track n field heat tmr wor.
plsplspls do nt laugh at mi wen i run last tmr...
arh... i didnt noe y i go participate in track n field man...
okay. gtg slp oredi...
XIN PING : oh... hi. =) yeah. thks 4 taggin!
Ter Shien : song choice...?


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